Nolé Marin

Manager of M22mgnt


Nolé Marin is the Manager of select management company, M22mgnt.

Nolé Marin is a ground-breaking fashion icon, go-to celebrity stylist and television personality. He’s been featured on the ABC reality series “True Beauty” and has been a favorite judge on multiple seasons of “America’s Next Top Model.” He was the on-air creative director of “Canada’s Next Top Model,” and has been a featured fashion expert for TV Guide and E!, and was a coach of MTV’s #1 hit makeover show “MADE.”

Nolé has been a regular contributing editor for major international fashion magazines, and his expertise has been featured on the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmy’s Cannes Film Festival, MTV awards, and the Grammy’s. Nolé has a select management company called M22mgnt focusing on actors and the entertainment industry. Watch out for his new YouTube show called Fashion Court with Judge Nolé Marin.




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