Ed Young

owner of NFT.HipHop


Hugh Edward “Ed” Young Jr. is the owner of NFT.HipHop.

He seeks to bring the promise of blockchain and its democratized economy and interaction to the Hip Hop world and beyond. As Hip Hop began with championing the democratization of voice it is the ideal vehicle to bring blockchain to the masses.

Ed has worked across industries, from early success as the co-founder/co-owner and publishing business lead of The Source magazine, which started when he was a Harvard undergrad to the music industry, to water treatment and now mainly health technology and cultural arts institutions. He is also the CEO of Universal Health Screener and ez Waiting Room, healthcare technology companies that work to improve health equity and outcomes across diverse communities. He is currently involved in initiatives aimed at developing programs that seek to build trust and reduce fear thereby enabling diverse communities to seek out and receive the care needed both for existing conditions and preventive care.

Ed’s work has required him to develop a knack for uniting high-profile individuals across the arts, publishing, finance, music, sports, politics, faith-based, and popular culture arenas. This ability to unite diverse stakeholders—some with conflicting goals—is a skill that he seeks to utilize to bring positive outcomes to the world.

Also, as Senior Strategic Advisor to the Universal Hip Hop Museum opening in The Bronx in 2024, Mr. Young has worked with his personal and professional network to establish partnerships and initiatives with Microsoft, MIT’s Advanced Virtuality Lab, Google, Youtube, and the Vatican.


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